PACC has been working with Shropshire Parent Carers to develop our ‘Understanding Our Lives’ project and we are now asking for feedback on our proposals.  

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* 1. The aim of Understanding Our Lives will be;

To create a well-informed, supportive, confident and resilient parent carer community in Shropshire, to enable individual parent carers to effectively engage and inform both individual and strategic decision making, moving from a position of passive recipients to active participants in the lives of their family.

Do you agree with this aim?

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* 2. The issues that Understanding Our Lives will work to address are;

Parent carer isolation, sense of lack of control and confidence

A lack of parent carer knowledge and understanding of SEND legislation, local processes and the support and services available

A lack of parent carers understanding of what good looks like and potential low expectations of the system, resulting in a passive approach to participation

A lack of understanding by many practitioners of the complexity and emotional impact of the parent carer role, often resulting in poor relationships between parent carers and practitioners 

Do you agree that these are key issues for Shropshire parent carers?

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* 3. The objectives for the Understanding Our Lives project are;

To enable parent carers to understand and positively influence the factors that impact their lives; including their own emotional response, the response of others to disability, the impact of working with multiple services and the concern for the future

To improve SEND practitioners and decision makers understanding of the lives of families of children and young people with SEND so that they establish positive relationships with families

To increase parent carers knowledge and understanding of SEND legislation, local processes and the support and services available.

To create opportunities to bring parent carers together so that they can benefit from peer to peer support.

Do you agree that these objectives are the right ones to be working towards?

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* 4. The Understanding Our Lives project will deliver the following outcomes;

Shropshire parent carers are better informed about their rights, what services are available and how to access them and can therefore make informed decisions about the support they and their child receives

Shropshire parent carers are increasingly confident about participating in both individual and strategic decision making and have a greater sense of control

Shropshire parent carers feel less isolated and become part of a supportive local community, increasing their resilience.

SEND Practitioners have an improved understanding of the lives of parent carers and how that role impacts on them as individuals and on the family unit, resulting in more positive partnerships between practitioners and parent carers.

Do you agree that these are the outcomes that we should be working towards?