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Application for reduced-rate coaching during Philip's certification

I'm taking on three additional clients at reduced rates, in order to boost my formal coaching hours because I'm finally taking the step to accredit my executive coaching practice. 'Executive' in this case just means 'work-related', though I also coach senior leaders.

Please answer briefly and without over-thinking things; your first thought is the best response. There will be time in our sessions to work on any topic in more depth.

I'm curious about what you'll write and looking forward to learning more! You'll get an answer from me regardless and, if selected, we'll have a complementary initial session to be certain that we're a good fit.

Question Title

* 1. What's your current work situation?

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* 2. What topics or concerns are front of mind?

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* 3. What's your state of mind? How are you feeling about those?

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* 4. What is your hoped-for outcome as a result of our sessions?

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