Complete Commercial Finance Business Survey 2023

1.What sector describes your business?(Required.)
2.How many employees does your business have?(Required.)
3.What was your business turnover in the last 12 months?(Required.)
4.How confident are you about your business’ performance over the next 12 months?(Required.)
5.What challenges do you anticipate will affect your business over the next 12 months? (Tick all that apply)(Required.)
6.What types of external finance does your business use currently? (Tick all that apply)(Required.)
7.If you have used external finance in the past 12 months, what were the reasons for doing so? (Tick all that apply)
8.What is the range of external finance you have taken in the past 12 months?
9.If you have considered but not taken external finance in the past 12 months, what put you off?