Scotland's Landscape Charter  2010: A review by Scotland's Landscape Alliance 3

Questionnaire for organisations from named sectors in the charter

1.Is your organisation aware of Scotland's Landscape Charter? If so, can you say why you have not signed it?
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2.The charter includes a vision for the future 
Our vision for Scotland’s landscapes is that, within a generation ... ... we can be proud of all our landscapes. Landscapes are cared for as a vital national resource, fundamental to our prosperity and wellbeing. We all play an active part in decisions affecting our surroundings, and everyone in a position to help shape them – public bodies, commercial businesses, land managers and individuals alike – is committed to maintaining their quality and distinctiveness.

Does this remain valid. If not do you have any thoughts on how it might
3.The charter sets out 5 guiding principles 

1. All landscapes are important and everyone has a right to live in and enjoy the benefits of high quality surroundings.
2. Our landscapes are a shared asset and everyone has a responsibility for looking after them to high standards, to makes sure each part of Scotland maintains its own distinctive sense of place.
3. Landscapes change but change needs to be managed, to ensure the character and quality of the landscape is respected in all land management and development decisions.
4. Better awareness of the diversity, distinctiveness, history and character of our landscapes is needed, so that all actions affecting them is based on sound understanding.
5. Shaping tomorrow's landscapes requires a forward looking approach to national and local policy that involves people in decisions about change to the character and quality of their surroundings.

Are these current? Or would you suggest any amendments.
4.The charter suggests actions that can be taken by different groups
Scotland's Landscape Charter - Actions

Please tell us how these might have driven activity within your organisation.
Are the actions set out relevant today and for the future? Are there any new actions you would like to suggest or any other comments?
Do you have thoughts on how a refreshed Landscape Charter might support effective management of Scotland's landscape in the face of the climate and and biodiversity action?
We would like to include new case studies with the renewed Charter.  Please tell us of at least one example of positive improvements to a specific Scottish landscape since 2010 (happy to take as many examples as you wish to provide!)
8.Have you any other comments you wish to make about the charter?
9.What is your name and your organisation?
10.If you would like to be kept informed of the the SLA's review of the charter and other work please provide your email address.
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