The Highland Council, like every other Council in Scotland, makes daily decisions about everything from home care to bin collections and from building schools to cutting grass. But are they making these decisions in the right way for you or might you be making them instead?

We believe that people’s lives are better when they have more control over decisions which affect them. We want your views about what happens now, and what the future of democracy in the Highlands might be.  
The job of the Commission on Highland Democracy is to find out how local people want to be involved in decisions and services that directly affect their lives and their communities. We believe we should not even start our work without asking local people what you think of this issue and how we should move forward. We hope your answers will direct our work and tell us what problems, if any, you want to get sorted.

The 8 questions we are asking are designed to help you to say the things you want to say and to allow the commission to easily spot and interpret any common themes that your answers contain. However, if the questions are not helpful and you want to say something quite different, please tell us anyway, as we promise that every response will be taken into account as we move forward.