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Thank you for your interest in the Weight Action Plan. Below is some information about it so you can decide if you want to join.
The course takes 12 weeks and it is run by specialists from the Health and Lifestyle Research Unit within Queen Mary University of London. It is based on the finding that there are several good ways of managing your weight, but none of them works for everybody. Each week, participants are given a different weight management task to try. Those who find the method useful carry on using it, and everyone tries the next approach over the next week. In addition, there are gradually increasing exercise targets, tailored to what people can realistically do. This is all done in a group setting.
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We currently offer two options to attend - either face-to-face sessions at a clinic in Tower Hamlets or a course that is run over Zoom.
If you are interested in joining Weight Action Programme, please answer the questions below so that we can check your eligibility.
Details on the WAP policy regarding personal information can be found here - Privacy Policy
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