What support would help your business become stronger?

Over the last 12 months Spelthorne Council has allocated over £50m in various grants and business rates reliefs from the government to businesses situated in the Borough.  This includes business rates holiday as well as grants through the Local Restriction Support Grant which have been mandatory based around rateable value of premises.

There has been the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) which is targeted at predominantly non-business rates payers, including the self-employed, sole traders and small businesses; this is more commonly known as the discretionary grant.  So far around £1.5m has been allocated to Spelthorne businesses from this grant with a window for applications opening on 3 separate occasions over 12 months.

The funding provided by government is available to support businesses until 31.3.2022, so the council is mindful that there needs to be funding available to support businesses in the event of another lockdown or other serious threat to the economy.  To plan for this there will be a contingency fund that will be held until winter 2021 that will be available to support businesses hardest hit.

In May, further financial help will be made available to help businesses into recovery by providing support in several ways. 

Potential Interventions

A further round of grants will be made available; the priority group will be those businesses that have not previously accessed any previous grant funding.

Funding will be made available to support businesses in strengthening their capacity to recover and grow; this will be through the provision of funding towards the cost of replacing old equipment / or introduce new equipment  that can be shown to make a business more efficient and competitive (the percentage and ceiling limit of that contribution towards the purchase has not yet been confirmed but expected to be around 50% to a maximum of £10,000 )

There will be free support made available for SME’s through the availability of a professional business adviser around any aspect of their business.  This will include help and advice to access new markets / exporting.
Support and funding will be available to help businesses to obtain a web / social media presence or indeed improve that presence.  Training will also be made available.

Funding will also be available for the independent retailers to help improve the shop front thus making the business more attractive to customers.

Businesses would not be able to receive a business grant and a contribution towards equipment. 

Applications for new equipment that can also be shown to more environmentally friendly than existing equipment will be encouraged, especially when it is more cost effective, green, and efficient helping the competitiveness of the business.

Businesses will be expected to purchase the equipment from other businesses in the borough wherever possible.

The ‘survival’ element of the fund has been allocated through 3 windows of grant applications whereby businesses have been able to apply on 2 occasions to help with finances with funding being transferred directly into business bank accounts.

The purpose of this funding is to support businesses by helping with their competitiveness and efficiencies enabling stronger businesses to grow.  A key element of the new process will be contributory funding towards new and more effective, reliant, and greener equipment.  This will mean a significant element of funding will go directly into the business itself.  This will be underpinned by access to professional business support to help guide businesses with their next steps.

This is where you come in.

We want you to tell us what you believe is neede

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* 5. • On the basis that all Covid-19 restrictions will have been lifted, what is your level of confidence for your business succeeding over the next 12 months?

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* 6. How have you found the support provided through Spelthorne Council during the pandemic?

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* 7. Please read the notes at the beginning of this survey.
Please comment on the suggested potential interventions and let us know what else could the funding be used for to support businesses and what impact is it likely to have?

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