International Cyber Expo (ICE) Application Form

ScotlandIS has a fantastic opportunity for Scottish companies with a cybersecurity product to join us at the International Cyber Expo in London in September. 
6 selected companies will have a free exhibition stand at the expo and a ten minute pitching slot to investors and venture capitalists in attendance.
 * must be a cybersecurity product company
 * must be based or registered in Scotland
 * must be actively seeking investment
 * must be able to commit to the below dates
Key Dates:
 * 29th August - half day pitching training in Linlithgow
 * 6th September - webinar on What Investors Are Looking For
 * 19th September - one-to-one coaching in Linlithgow
 * 26th & 27th September - International Cyber Expo in London
ScotlandIS will not be involved in adjudication and selecting the participants - we may only advise on where your company can apply depending on how you fit into the criteria outlined above.
Please complete this application as soon as possible to apply for this opportunity, and offer as much detail as possible to help our judges in the selection process.

Following your application, you will receive an email requesting your company logo.

*Please note, successful applicants will be contacted by the Expo venue's insurance company to provide proof of public liability cover in your company insurance.