1. About this Survey

At Weston Town Council, we are committed to continually improving our services and ensuring that we meet the needs of our community. 
Budget Allocation: The 2023/2024 revenue budget amounts to £3,336,417, with £2,924,027 collected via the precept (council tax). To make informed decisions for next year, it's crucial to understand if residents believe their financial contributions are justly spent.

Last year, the average Band D household contributed £110.06 per year (£9.17 per month) to the Town Council. It's essential to determine whether residents believe these contributions as providing value for the services received. Which is why we need your help in filling out this survey. 
There are two local Government councils which serve residents in Weston-super-Mare, including Worle and Uphill. We are a ‘parish’ council and North Somerset are a Unitary District Council.

One simple way of looking at the two councils might be that North Somerset Council services are ‘need to have’ whereas the Town Council services are ‘want to have’. Town Councils operate at a level below district and borough councils.
If a service isn’t mentioned in this survey, the chances are that it’s one that’s provided by North Somerset Council. For more information please see 'Which Council Does What'. 

The survey is set out into ‘five value pillars’ that form the basis of the council's strategic aims as found in the Town Council's strategy.

These values are:

Each of these pillars has an accompanying film we can see by clicking on the name above, so you can see what we have been funding in the past year. 

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* 3. How do you identify your ethnicity or race?

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* 4. Which ward area of Weston-super-Mare do you reside in? If you’re not sure there’s a map here 

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* 5. How long have you lived in Weston-super-Mare?