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To celebrate five years since Fundamentally Children launched - and give something back to the industry - we are giving away to one lucky winner up to £5,000 in value against our services below:
  • Expert consultancy - child development
  • Expert consultancy - industry advice
  • Toy, app or other product accreditation
  • Toy, app or other product user testing and evaluation
  • Experiential marketing - consumer events
  • Pre-production support
  • Quantitative research, e.g. surveys
  • Qualitative research, e.g. focus groups, interviews
  • Expert content, e.g. articles
  • Expert media spokesperson - child development
  • Brand awareness - social media support
  • Experiential marketing - retail play days
  • Seminars and training - child development, play and parenting
  • Desk research
  • Competitor research
To enter into our prize draw, just complete this form. 

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