This survey of 13 quick questions is for staff, visitors and patients who are currently at, or have been at Salisbury District Hospital (SDH) in the last three years (2019 onwards). You will not be asked to give any personal information. The survey will take 7 minutes to complete.

The aim is to find out what you have noticed about the hospital along with any ideas you might have for how to develop the patient and staff spaces and experience of the hospital.

Arts in Health is the use of creative solutions alongside healthcare to improve patient experience and staff wellbeing. Because SDH is one of three hospitals in the health & care funding region, surveys are also being carried out at the Royal United Hospital in Bath and at Great Western Hospital in Swindon.
ArtCare are the Arts in Health service at Salisbury District Hospital; there is a link at the end of the survey if you would like to know more.

ArtCare receives funding from grants, charities such as the Stars Appeal and other sources including income from exhibition sales. ArtCare currently does not receive funding from NHS England.

By completing this questionnaire you agree to your responses being processed by Survey Monkey in the USA, being accessible to Trust Library staff as administrators of the Survey Monkey account, and being collated, stored and analysed by the ArtCare.

To help the Trust comply with Data Protection legislation please do not include any personally identifiable information in any of the comments boxes below.


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