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Have your say on our proposed priorities, goals and actions

We are inviting your comments on our draft Council Plan for 2019-2023.

Four priorities have been identified in our draft Council Plan for 2019-2023:

Sustainable - Make our Council financially viable, customer focused and zero carbon. Co-produce economic opportunities and strategies which will protect Eden’s working cultural landscapes and biodiversity, aiming to store more carbon than is produced in the District.

Healthy, safe and secure - Improve housing, both new build and existing, working towards self-sufficiency in energy and co-produce healthy, connected, prosperous communities.

Connected - Improve digital connectivity to attract and support businesses, employees and families, connecting Eden with the global economy and knowledge industries.

Creative - Develop arts and cultural activities to add to town centre vibrancy; support communities; and improve health and wellbeing. Encourage innovation in tourism and food industries and support businesses to respond to national and global changes.

For each of these priorities a set of goals for 2023 have been identified with a  number of actions for delivery in 2019/20.

Once all consultation responses have been received, assessed and incorporated (where appropriate), the Council Plan 2019-2023 will be considered by Council in November 2019.

We welcome your comments
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