Application to be a member of the Ball Patrol Team

England Hockey is looking for young people to be part of the Ball Patrol Team for the Great Britain FIH Pro League Home Matches  at various dates from 2nd May to 14 June 2020.

The Ball Patrol Team must be
·        Between the ages of 15 to 18 years.
·        Born between 1 Sept 2001 to 1 Sept 2004

You can apply as an individual or as a group from a club, school or other organisation. A group can be 4 to 8 participants.  This opportunity is open to UK residents only.

What’s Required
Ball Patrollers must be fit, have a good knowledge of hockey and the rules, be able to follow play, understand umpire decisions, and have good concentration levels during a match.

In addition, there are other match protocol requirements that require the services of the Ball Patrol Team and therefore there may be some match days where a team members role will solely be delivering these.

Selection Process
Following the closing date on 21st of March, applications will be assessed, and you may be invited to attend a training and assessment day at:
· 29th March at the League Finals
· 5th April at the U16 Club Finals
· 25th April at the Men's Masters
· 9th/10th May at the England Hockey Women's & Men's Finals

If successful, groups and individuals will form Ball Patrol teams that will be assigned to specific days and sessions. Ball Patrollers will need to be available for a minimum 4 of the total 8 match days across the league period. These days are as follows:

At the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre
•Sat 2 May      14:00   GBR (M)  v IND
•Sat 2 May      16:30   GBR (W) v CHN
•Sun 3 May     14:00   GBR (M) v IND
•Sun 3 May     16:30   GBR (W) v CHN

•Sun 24 May    14:00   GBR (M) v ESP
•Sun 24 May    16:30   GBR (W) v USA
•Mon 25 May   13:00   GBR (M) v ESP
•Mon 25 May   15:30   GBR (W) v USA

•Sat 13 June   14:00  GBR (M) v GER
•Sat 13 June   16:30  GBR (W) v GER
•Sun 14 June  14:00  GBR (M) v GER
•Sun 14 June  16:30  GBR (W) v GER

At The Stoop, Twickenham
•Sat 16 May   14:00   GBR (M) v ARG
•Sat 16 May   16:30   GBR (W) v ARG
•Sun 17 May  13:00   GBR (M) v ARG
•Sun 17 May  15:30   GBR (W) v ARG

Ball Patrol applicants will be assessed against the following criteria:-
·        Personal organisation - punctuality, communication etc
·        Ball patrolling ability
·        Presentation; in performance and in person
·        Understanding of hockey
·        Reaction, speed, agility and movement
·        Team work; both on and off the pitch

A briefing pack will be supplied to support all shortlisted applicants to prepare for training and assessment, and it will outline the role and skills required to be a Ball Patroller, along with specific information regarding the training and assessment days.

Due to the time period of the league and its proximity in relation to crucial exam time,  the Ball Patrol squad will be larger than has traditionally been appointed at tournaments. Therefore there is some flexibility around appointments for each match day and this will be done in a timely fashion.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please complete the questionnaire below. Once registered you will be sent furth
9% of survey complete.