1. Introduction

Welcome to the client feedback survey of the Cogent Partnership Group Limited.

I am Professor Marcus Alexander, Adjunct Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School. I am retained to provide Business Counsel to Kevin Gothelf.

As a core part of my work with Kevin, I am keen to elicit your feedback and candid perspectives to help Kevin continuously improve and evolve the provision of Business Counsel to you, to your team and to your company.

Kevin always reflects on the privilege of doing the work that he does, and he knows that he would not be able to do it without your openness, confidence and trust. He is extremely grateful to you for providing this valuable feedback.

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Question Title

* 2. It would be most helpful to understand the extent of Kevin's work with you & your organisation over the past 12 months

  To a great extent To some extent Not at all
Focused on you, the Leader
Business Counsel for your direct reports
High Performance Team development (for your Board/Leadership team)
Real Play
Conference/Meeting design, development & execution
Conference Keynote Speaker
Help kick start your career