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I Would Rather Walk With You is a contemporary sound installation and composition by award winning sound artist-composer Emily Peasgood. It features a choral composition, archival sound recordings, voice actors and sound effects, creating a magical sound world that immerses visitors in the history and future of the West Wing Battery at Fort Burgoyne as a community space. It will be installed later in 2020. We are looking for people of all ages to contribute voice recordings and sound effects that may feature in the work. You do not need any experience of sound recording to take part, and will be provided with instructions and support from the artist. To take part, you will need to complete this Release Form. We require one form for each person taking part. Within five days of submitting this form, you will receive an email with instructions for taking part, which will include fun activities and different ways of participating on your mobile telephone and the internet from the comfort of your own home. 

 For more information contact Emily Peasgood:
Telephone: 07749 115 484

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We take your privacy seriously, and will only use the information provided on this Release Form to contact you about I Would Rather Walk With You. Your information will only be accessed by Dr Emily Peasgood, and will be securely stored for the duration of I Would Rather Walk With You. We respect and trust and protect your privacy, and therefore will never sell or share this data to project partners or any third parties.

To register to take part, press Next to complete the Release Form.