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The Distance Learning MSc Humanitarian Intervention, at the School of Psychology, University of East London, is a Post Graduate course focused on various aspects of delivering international psychosocial interventions in situations of crisis and disasters for both beneficiaries and staff. Considering the current pandemic, the course staff together with interested students, are planning to offer an online initiative to support the mental wellbeing of international healthcare, humanitarian professionals and community leaders who are working on the front line during this pandemic. 
We have created an online portal offering a variety of resources related to mental health and support for staff including:
o    informative reading materials on MHPSS:
o    links to videos with input on mindfulness, yoga, meditation and so on;
o   A series of short videos (psychoeducational) on mental health for staff:
o   Live webinars (30 minutes with Q&A) where we address specific topics

We also would like to offer online ‘Reflective practice group’ meetings in various forms such as:

o   Weekly sessions with closed groups of participants (always the same people);

o   Weekly drop-in for open groups;

o   One-off 3-4 days of intense live workshops on resilience and wellbeing;


-          They above are platforms aimed to be informative and educational for the international medical staff (doctors and nurses), humanitarian professionals and community leaders to facilitate and foster peer support among colleagues.

-          The ‘Reflective practice groups’ and the ‘Live webinars’ are not intended to, and do not, amount to psychological therapy nor are they in any way an alternative to psychological therapy. If you think that you are experiencing psychological distress due to Covid-19 and/or the work that you are carrying out during the pandemic you are advised to seek immediate assistance from your GP and/or a qualified mental health professional (e.g., psychologist, psychotherapist, counsellor, etc.).

-          The content/resources of the ‘online portal’ are provided for general information only. They are not intended to, and do not, amount to advice which you should rely on. They are not in any way an alternative to advice from medical and/or mental health professionals.

This survey has been created to assess the level of interest and possible availability in relation to the Reflective Practice Groups.  These are intended to be safe sessions where participants can connect with each other, share their experience about working with COVID-19, ask for ideas/support, process their feelings and support one another.
Please let us know your preference and your potential availability for each one of them. If you express interest you will be contacted soon to discuss this further.
Thank you so much,
Best Wishes,

The MSc Humanitarian Intervention Team

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* 1. Weekly online Reflective group meetings of 2 hours each, in the format of closed group, every time with the same participants

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* 2. Weekly online Reflective Practice group of 2 hours each, in the format of 'drop in', open group (potentially with different participants every time)

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* 3. One-off 3-4 days online live workshops on resilience and wellbeing

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