Daden is increasingly focussed on two main lines of business - 3D Data Visualisation/Datascape and 3D Immersive Learning/Fieldscapes. Both of those tend to have very different audiences. We are debating whether to have two newsletters, one for each topic - where you can subscribe just to the one you want. This would be instead of the current single newsletter where only half the content is likely to be of interest to any one of you.

We are aiming to be a lot more regular with the single newsletter anyway - at least bi-monthly, possibly monthly, and if we did two newsletters they would each be at least bi-monthly (probably alternating months), or even monthly (which might be 1 page one month, 2 pages the next).

In order to help us make this decision please answer the question below.

Question Title

* 1. Please rate each of the following in terms of whether you agree or disagree with the statement.

  Totally Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Totally Agree
I would like two different newsletters, and am likely to subscribe to both
I would like two different newsletters, but am only likely to subscribe to the one that interests me
I would like to stay with one newsletter - I like seeing the breadth of what you do
If you go with two newsletters please have a once/twice yearly overall newsletter so I can keep up with your other developments
Email newsletters are a waste of time, I never really read them
Many thanks. Hopefully we can find a solution that will keep most people happy!