Thanks for your interest in joining the NI Carers Policy Forum. Convened by Carers NI, the group will be carer-led and work to put carers issues front and centre with political decision makers, generating new policy ideas and helping to secure much needed change.
The Carers Policy Forum will work on issues chosen by you and other carers. It will have a few large group events within the next year, and different sub-groups that will meet more regularly to gather your experiences and views on the issues that matter most.
-          You can attend as many or as few meetings as you like
-          You can have your say and contribute at times and ways that works best for you
-          You will get the opportunity to meet key decision makers to advocate for change
-          Funding may be available for replacement care to support attending the larger event/s
Don’t worry if you cannot make all the meetings and events, you will have plenty of chances to have your say and take part, at a time and way that works best for you.

The first few meetings will be online but there may be some in person and a hybrid of in person and online meetings. You can participate in the way that suits you best.

The Carers Policy Forum is funded by the Carers Support Fund, delivered by the Community Foundation NI, supported by the Department of Health.
If you’d like to join the Carers Policy Forum please read the privacy statement and complete the registration details below.