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5 minutes of your time now may well save you 100s of hours sitting in a traffic jam (and sooner than you think)

The Situation

There are to be new housing developments in Maldon, South Woodham and the Dengie and, in all likelihood, there will be a new PowerStation: Bradwell B.

This will generate a great deal of traffic both during the building phase and thereafter. It has been estimated that there will be some 500-700 HGVs servicing the Bradwell B site alone plus thousands of construction workers will negotiate the Burnham Road (B 1012) each day during a construction period of 9 to 12 years.

The pinch point is the Burnham Road as it passes on what is currently the northern border of South Woodham (although it will shortly bisect the town when the new development is completed.) This road is already groaning under the strain and there are often tailbacks at the busiest times. There are no plans to widen the road or create a bypass to deal with additional traffic. All the bypasses currently mooted stop at the Maldon/Chelmsford district border leaving SWF out completely. The Bradwell B team seemingly acknowledges that Latchingdon, Mayland etc need bypasses but the common exit (the pinch point leading to the A130/A12) has been ignored. To make matters worse, Essex Highways propose to set up 6 uncoordinated pedestrian crossings along this section of the Burnham Road to link the new South Woodham development to the existing town and claims that this will have no adverse effect on traffic flow

One glance at the map is enough to demonstrate the problems this will cause, not only to South Woodham residents, but to all those living on or near the route from Bradwell B to the Rettendon Turnpike who have to commute by road.

The two possible routes to/from Bradwell B coalesce just outside South Woodham - so ALL the traffic will be left trying to negotiate a way along the Burnham Road B1012 or through the town via Ferrers Road.

This survey seeks to establish if (a) you feel that we are being unduly pessimistic and the solution proposed by Essex Highways is sound or (b) you believe it will cause a major problem for traffic trying to gain access to or leave Maldon District and the Dengie resulting in gridlock on the Burnham Road and gridlock in South Woodham Ferrers.

Further information is available at: https://www.w-i-g.co.uk/

Question Title

* 1. 1) Do you think this proposal will result in severe traffic congestion?

Question Title

* 2. Should Chelmsford City Council and Essex Highways reconsider their 'Masterplan' highway proposals and build a new northern bypass for SWF for the sake of the town's residents & workers and those from the Dengie?