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Tell Us How You Are

Applied Arts Scotland wants to create wider opportunities for makers in Scotland and to share what is happening to them and how they are doing.

To do this we have created this page where you can talk to us about your experiences and share what matters to you.

We give you the option to be anonymous or to provide your name and you can also let us know if we can share it with other makers in our new ‘Voice of Makers’ blog, here are the voices and experiences shared so far.

We can’t answer specific questions but if we can offer any suggestions about something we will try and do so.

Please help us reach as many makers as possible by sharing this survey with colleagues or promoting it on social media using hashtag #RethinkingourRhythms

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Keep safe and well.


The AAS Board

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* 1. Talk to us about your experiences and share what matters to you

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* 2. Optional - provide your name and email address

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* 3. If we wish to share your experience or part of it with other makers in our Voices of Makers blog, do you give permission for us to do this?

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* 4. Would you be willing to provide images to feature on a Voices of Makers blog post to be published on the AAS website?

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* 5. Thank you for sharing with us, keep safe and well.  Before you go, we invite you to take a moment to think of 3 things you're grateful for, small or big, to give you inspiration today - if you'd like to tell us what they are, we'd love to hear them.

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