Dear Member, 

Children in Scotland is holding elections for membership to our Children's Sector Strategic and Policy Forum.

This survey gives our members the chance to nominate themselves for election to the Forum. By now you should have received email notification with the supporting documents for election to the Forum. Please refer to these before nominating yourself for election.

The terms of reference for membership of the Forum are; 

·      Your organisation is a member of Children in Scotland
·      You are the Chief Officer of the organization (Or Scottish equivalent)
·      You are able to commit to 3-4 meetings over the next year in Edinburgh
·      You are able to represent the interests of children, families and the children’s sector at a national level.
·      You have knowledge of the strategic challenges in your sector and are able to advocate for strategic change to support children, young people and families rather than focus on the needs and interests of your organization
·      You are willing and able to lead discussions and present papers to the Forum as and when required.

Any ineligible nominations will be discarded by Children in Scotland.

If you have any questions, please contact 

The deadline for nominations to be elected to the Forum is 18/03/2019