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You would like to be selected as a CPM Climate Change Champion.

You would be happy for a half-day visit by a CPM journalist plus a representative from a sponsoring partner and to be interviewed for a farm profile article to be published in CPM in 2022 (note: you will be shown the article before it is published to ensure technical accuracy).

You are happy to help CPM and NFU convey best practice messages on reducing emissions to other farmers and support the NFU’s ambition for UK Agriculture to reach Net Zero by 2040.

You would be willing to attend an event in southern England in Oct 2022 at which the overall Climate Change Champion 2022 will be announced, and which will also be a chance to cement the Net Zero opportunities highlighted during the year, to feed these back to industry and to Government (travel expenses will not be covered).

You would be prepared to submit data to an accredited carbon calculator in order to accurately measure your carbon balance.

Nominations close on 31st March, 2022. All nominees will be informed whether they are successful by 30 April 2022.

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