This survey is completely anonymous. We do not have access to your names or other personal information from the survey.

The Epping Forest Youth Councillors have listened to what young people are talking about and the Cost-of-living Crisis (COLC) is dominating the news in 2023. 
In response to this topic, their latest project, Repair My Pocket, aims to assess how the community are feeling, about the Cost-of-Living crisis, how it is affecting everyday life, and to get a better understanding of how services can help the community.
The Youth Councillors have produced a 13-question survey. They will be conducting street interviews, attending community days to talk to residents and young people about their experience of the Cost-of-Living crisis. The survey will also be conducted in the Epping Forest secondary schools.
They want to hear about what you think because your views are important to them. The findings will be available in a Youth Council report in spring 2023.