The Tenterden Neighbourhood Plan is a new type of planning document produced in the town council. It is part of the Government’s approach to planning which aims to give local people more say about what goes on in their area.

If passed at a local referendum, the Tenterden Neighbourhood Plan will be adopted by Ashford Borough Council as the plan which must be used in law to determine planning applications in the Tenterden parish area. It will become part of the Development Plan alongside the Borough Council’s Local Plan.

The plan therefore provides the local community with a powerful tool to guide the long term future of the parish for the period 2013 - 2030. The plan contains a vision for the future of Tenterden parish area and sets out clear planning policies to realise this vision.

In order to develop the Tenterden Neighbourhood Plan, Tenterden Town Council set up a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee which comprises three Town Councillors supported by a number of local volunteers.

A draft of the Tenterden Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared based on data and evidence collection during the completed Pre-Launch Workshop; four Launch Events; Community Vision and Objective Setting Event and Public Exhibition.

The draft plan is now ready for the draft Regulation 14 consultation where we test the proposals for the future of the Tenterden Parish area as required by the regulations. 

This online questionnaire contains 27 questions and should take around 10 minutes to complete. However, if this is too much time for you, then please just complete the first three questions. Thank you. 

It is highly recommended that you read a copy of the Pre-Submission Consultation Draft of the Tenterden Neighbourhood Plan before completing this questionnaire. It may also be useful to have a copy to hand while completing the survey, either an on-screen version or a print copy. The survey questions refer to page numbers in the draft plan.

Once the consultation period is closed, Tenterden Town Council and the Steering Group will gather all the comments received and produce an official consultation statement, listing all the views and opinions submitted, and setting out how the plan is to be amended as a result.

The revised neighbourhood plan will then be ready for a further consultation period of six weeks as required by the regulations. Following this the plan will be examined by an independent examiner before going to referendum. Only after passing referendum the plan will become a statutory planning document and will be used to guide developments across the Tenterden Parish area.

Tenterden Town Council and the Steering Group thank-you for taking the time to contribute your views.
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