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To get hold of us about a general inquiry, email and our staff team will forward on your query.

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Our Feedback mechanism is a direct line to our the SU team of staff and Officers to tell us something you think we should know.

This can be something positive, a pressing concern (e.g. on your course) or a suggestion to make something better for you. 

A representative (e.g. Officer, Programme Rep) or staff member will be allocated your suggestion and will get back to you within five (5) working days  (Monday-Friday) with a response.

Your personal details will be used solely for responding to what you have raised. If you want this to remain anonymous, please click here to visit a different form.
If you require academic, welfare or housing advice, please use our free and confidential advice service, by e-mailing

What should I detail when raising an issue?

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to tell us the full situation as we can follow up on any further details needed to try and resolve the issue. Information such as whom it involves when something happened and what actions you think needs taking is always useful for us to start getting the ball running on a solution.

What are my personal details being used for?
All data collected is used solely for the purpose of ensuring we can get back to you with a response. Personal information will not specifically be attached to issues raised and will not be revealed to other staff/representatives outside of those who are relevant to responding to your feedback. Respondents always have the right to opt out if you don’t want your data stored in order to receive a response.

What happens to my feedback?
It will be received by staff at the Union, and then allocated to relevant staff or representatives who can support resolution. Someone from the SU will follow up with you directly. It may go to Greenwich Assembly, which is the mechanism for student-led decision making through the SU. You will be invited to attend Assembly if you wish to speak on behalf of the suggestion raised or observe the meeting.

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