There is currently a review being conducted of the beer styles that CAMRA defines and, as part of this, the categories that are used for judging CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain (CBOB).

We are looking for as many views as possible and so would appreciate it if you could complete this questionnaire by Friday 15th March. At this stage, we are not reviewing the practicalities of any changes. Any implications will be considered once we have a feel as to what people currently think.

This review does not encompass the packaging i.e. does not cover bottles, cans or kegs. It relates only to beer styles.

Many thanks for your help,
Beer Styles Review Group

The current beer judging categories that CAMRA uses are:

· Mild (including pale milds, dark milds, Scottish 60/-)

· Bitter (including light bitters or 'Boys' Bitter)

· Best Bitter

· Strong Bitter (including IPAs, American IPAs and Black IPAs)

· Golden Ale

· Old Ale/Strong Mild

· Porter

· Stout (including dry stouts, sweet stouts, Imperial Russian stouts)

· Barley Wine & Strong Old Ale

· Speciality

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* 1. Are you (tick all that apply)

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* 2. Please indicate if you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  Agree Disagree No view
There should be no changes to the current list of beer styles
There should be no changes to the current categories used for CBOB
CAMRA should concentrate only on UK beer styles
CAMRA should concentrate mainly on traditional UK beer styles but should consider non UK beer styles
CAMRA should abandon the speciality category (currently covering beers  lagers, flavoured beers, sour beers etc)
CAMRA should expand the number of styles it acknowledges
CAMRA should review and expand the number of categories judged
CAMRA should align its style categories with other bodies e.g. SIBA, Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)

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* 3. Brewers have been increasing the number of different beer styles they produce. The following are the ones that seem to have been the most popular. Please indicate how you feel about including them as a recognised CAMRA beer style with a possibility of having a separate Champion Beer of Britain judging category.

  Agree Strongly Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Disagree strongly No view
IPAs (single category)
IPAs (more than one category by strength or by style )
Pale Ales (single category)
Pales Ales (more than one category by strength or by style )
Stronger Stouts and Porters e.g. Imperials
Aged beers (6 months +)
Wood aged beers
Red ales
Pale lagers
Wheat beers
Fruit beers
Sour and wild beers (including saisons)
 Lower alcohol beers

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* 4. If there are any beer styles or categories that you think should be deleted or combined with others, please detail this here.

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* 5. If you have any other comments on the beer styles that CAMRA defines and/or could use for the Champion Beer of Britain beers, please state them here.