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People Friendly Salisbury is the scheme implemented by Wiltshire Council in mid-October 2020 to prioritise walking and cycling in the city centre by restricting through traffic. 

Long term, the scheme could potentially bring vast benefits to businesses and the city centre, and therefore Salisbury BID has been supportive of the scheme to date.

However, businesses have raised their concerns with Salisbury BID about the short term impact the scheme may have, in particular when the national COVID restrictions are lifted and the busy Christmas shopping period can begin.

Therefore we need your business feedback. Your feedback will allow the BID Board to make an informed decision about the BID's position on the People Friendly Salisbury scheme and the next steps we take.

Please only complete this survey if you are a Salisbury BID levy paying business in the city centre.

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* 9. Salisbury BID is regularly feeding back issues and comments from businesses to Wiltshire Council about the People Friendly Salisbury Scheme. Do you have any other comments about the scheme?

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