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Architects Declare has launched its Practice Guide. The guide provides a broad set of tools to help practices decarbonise and work towards a more regenerative practice – both in business operations (where guidance has been limited so far in our sector), and on project work, where the majority of our environmental impacts arise.

The guide is intended as a live document that will be revised to keep pace with emerging knowledge and we will require your help to make this possible.

We therefore welcome feedback via this survey on the guide, as well as contributions in terms of time, resources and ideas for next iterations of this document.

This survey should take around 5-10 minutes to complete. 

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* 1. Do you work for an Architects Declare signatory practice?

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* 2. What practice/organisation do you work for?

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* 3. Are you answering this survey in a personal capacity or on behalf of your practice/organisation?

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