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This is a short survey (15 - 20 mins) to collect information, feedback and suggestions that will feed directly into an exciting Mozilla Fellowship project. The project is aimed at producing two guides that we hope will help build stronger litigation on artificial intelligence and human rights.

The guides will seek to build the skills, knowledge and expertise of lawyers, technologists, engineers, data scientists and digital rights activists so that they can collaborate effectively and strategically on litigation that protects and promotes our human rights in the age of artificial intelligence:
  • One guide will be aimed at lawyers and litigators, and will seek to demystify the technology that they may come across in AI-related cases and will provide practical guidance on how to bring in more tech expertise to their litigation; and
  • Another guide will be aimed at individuals with a tech background, and will seek to demystify the law that can apply in AI contexts, how litigation can help challenge AI-related human rights violations, and the role that they can play in such litigation.
It is hoped that these guides will inspire greater collaboration and knowledge-sharing between individuals with these distinct skillsets and, in doing so, strengthen AI-related litigation so that precedents can be set ensuring greater transparency, accountability and adherence to human rights standards in the design and use of AI. 

The project is being carried out by Jonathan McCully, Mozilla Fellow and Legal Adviser to the Digital Freedom Fund, and Aurum Linh, a Mozilla Fellow embedded within the Digital Freedom Fund. The guides will be published in the second half of 2020.

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