Part 1 - Definitions & low-carbon scenarios

This survey should be completed alongside the accompanying PDF which gives more details on the proposed methodology updates.
Update proposal – ACT AU V2: Remove the term “advanced vehicle” from the methodology, and increase the stringency of the definition of “low-carbon vehicle”.

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* 1. In the light of analysis showing that PHEVs emit higher levels of CO2 than officially reported figures, should the "<50gCO2/km tailpipe emissions until 2025" threshold be kept, or should this be reduced to 0gCO2/km tailpipe emissions (only zero-emission vehicles)?

Update proposal – ACT AU V2: Define updated sources for reference data needed for low-carbon scenarios

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* 2. Are there any publicly available sources for any of the inputs/scenarios listed? Please provide links.
  • 1.5°C or well-below 2°C-aligned sector benchmark for scope 1 and 2 emissions
  • 1.5°C or well-below 2°C-aligned sector benchmark for downstream scope 3 (fleet) emissions
  • Global and geographically weighted average lifetime of cars in kilometers
  • Sector benchmark for low-carbon vehicle sales
  • Sector benchmark for ICE vehicle emissions intensity