A bit about this survey...


This survey is for students who have just started their course at BU this January. (If you've been at BU since September, sorry, but this isn't for you!)

New BU students and researchers: BU and Students' Union @ BU (SUBU) need your feedback about your experiences of BU so far - this survey will ask you to reflect on what your first week at BU was like so that we know what worked well and what didn't. We will try to use your feedback to inform improvements for next year's new students.
You will be asked about the information and communication you received before your arrival and your experience of your first week at BU. We also ask for some information about your personal characteristics, because this helps us find out whether there are changes which could be made to make BU and SUBU improve the experience of specific groups of students.

There is a prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher at the end of the survey and if you wish to enter you will need to provide a name and email address. However this is entirely optional: you can complete the survey without providing these details. If you do provide your name and email address to enter the prize draw this information will only be used by SUBU for the prize draw itself and, if you agree, by BU to contact you about taking part in focus groups in the future. We don’t use your name and contact details in association with answers to the survey questions or for any other reason.    

How do we use your responses?
BU and SUBU use the survey responses to help us understand new student experiences and in particular to:
  • monitor and report on how accessible BU and SUBU provisions are for all students
  • make positive changes for all students
All of your survey answers will be kept confidential by both SUBU and BU. We use them to produce analysis about student experience generally for the purposes described above. We will never use your data to individually identify you. We will not contact you about your individual responses and we will not share your data in identifiable form with anyone else.  Information about survey responses may be shared in anonymised form to inform academic research projects within BU.  We will retain the survey responses until BU and SUBU have both completed their analysis. After this the responses will be permanently deleted, but we will retain the analysis of the responses which in an anonymised statistical format. 

Data protection
Both BU and SUBU are data controllers of any personal data you provide in this survey. For more information about our approach to data protection, including who to contact with any questions or concerns, please use these links:

For BU: https://www1.bournemouth.ac.uk/about/governance/access-information/data-protection-privacy/student-privacy-notice
For SUBU: https://www.subu.org.uk/privacy

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete - please provide your feedback by midnight on Friday 28 February.
This survey is for general feedback. If you have any urgent questions or concerns, make sure you contact AskBU (Talbot Campus - Poole House main reception area; Lansdowne Campus - Bournemouth House) or SUBU Advice (Talbot Campus - second floor of the Student Centre; Lansdowne Campus - Studland House).

Thank you all very much from BU and SUBU :-)