How do Nannies feel in their industry in the current climate and the focus on Early Years

1.How do you feel as a Nanny about the current emphasis on Early Years? 
2.As a Nanny, do you feel part of the Early Years Sector?
3.Do you feel appreciated as a Nanny in your industry? 
4.Do you feel like Nannies are sometimes the unforgotten workforce?
5.Do you feel including Nannies in the Early Years Funding Scheme would be a good idea? 
6.Do you think Nanny employers should have some sort of tax relief if they employ a Nanny? 
7.If tax relief was awarded to Nanny employers, do you feel it might benefit the industry and raise the profile of nannies? 
8.Do you think Nannies should be a viable option for all working parents as are nurseries and childminders? 
9.If Nannies were considered to be included in some sort of scheme for working parents, it would probably mean nannies having to be registered in some way and having a minimum qualification, DBS and First Aid. Would you agree with this if the government funded it, similar to the incentive they are offering childminders?
10.With nurseries and childminders under pressure with funding, do you feel the Nanny industry is also affected and jobs are stable?