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What do you want from your National Park?

The new Local Plan will determine what  development takes place in the Yorkshire Dales National Park between 2023-2040.

At the root of the Plan are decisions about where the Park is heading, in terms of its environment, its economy and its communities. These are broad questions, and not everything can be covered by this single document, but its vital that we get to the root of the issues. 

To help us to create a Plan which delivers on all of these fronts, we need to hear from everyone who cares about the future of the Park. 

So, what do you want your Park to look like?

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* 1. How do you think we should be getting young people involved in planning the future of the National Park?

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* 2. How can we make it easier for young people to find affordable homes in the Park?

We know it’s difficult for young people to find affordable homes to rent or buy in the Park. Do you think more housing would fix this problem? 

Do you think building new homes will have a negative impact on the Park’s iconic landscape and wildlife

The Park is full of stunning historic buildings- do you think modern houses could look right in the Dales?

Population decline is a big issue in the Park and our population is getting older as more young people leave the Park. This has an effect on everything, from providing staff for local businesses, to keeping shops and schools open, to having friends close by that you can hang out with. Do you think that building new homes will help? Do you think the type of homes is more important? Do you want to rent or buy? What about social housing or affordable housing? Do we need more flats or self-build homes? Or what about taking a different approach altogether and building Tiny Homes, co-housing or live-work spaces? What do you want your home to look like?

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* 3. How should we be tackling climate change?

How carbon efficient should new homes in the Park be? Should we be building only zero carbon homes? The start up costs will be higher but is it more important that we look at the long term picture?

Should all new homes have on site renewable energy generation or would this have a negative impact on the landscape? Should we require all new buildings to be made from state of the art bio-based materials?

Low and zero carbon homes are unlikely to look like traditional Dales cottages- does this bother you?

Do we need better connections for walking and cycling or do we just need to accept that the best option for the Dales could be private electric vehicles?

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* 4. How should we manage the Dales landscape?

We know that the greatest contribution that the Park can make to fighting climate change is through changing the way we manage the landscape. This covers a range of actions, from planting trees, to restoring peatland to potentially reducing livestock numbers. 

So, do you believe that farming with livestock is a sustainable option? Should we be concerned about the amount of methane that’s being produced? Should we be ‘rewilding’ the landscape and removing some of those sheep and cows?

Do we need to allow farms to generate more renewable energy or will this affect the Park’s natural beauty?

We know we need to plant more trees to capture carbon, but how many, and where?

Farmers do vital work in looking after drystone walls and barns- do we keep on supporting this or do we let these buildings decay naturally?

What’s the best way to approach biodiversity in the Park? Rewilding could mean the loss of some iconic species, so is it the right way to go? Or could a ‘wilder’ Park make the visitor experience even better?

What about farming jobs? How do we build a Dales farming economy which creates secure, well-paid jobs? And how do we balance increased eco-tourism with caring for the environment? Do we risk losing the farming families which are such an important part of our rural communities?

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