Bridgeway Consulting Collective Grievance

TSSA members who TUPE transferred to Bridgeway are urged to add your voice to our collective grievance to demand that Bridgeway recognised that our collective bargaining agreement transferred from Amey.

If you are not directly affected but want to add your support, you can help to petition Bridgeway to do the right thing below.

If you want to get more involved in our union, you can register your interest here

Collective Grievance wording:

"TSSA Members employed by Bridgeway Consulting who TUPE transferred from Amey wish to lodge a collective grievance under the Collective Dispute Resolution Procedure for the following reasons: 

  • We do not accept that Bridgeway refuse to acknowledge TSSA as the recognised union for the Band A to C population who transferred under TUPE from Amey. Recognition transferred under TUPE. Bridgeway must acknowledge TSSA as the recognised union and agree to engage with TSSA representatives on collective matters with immediate effect

  • As the recognised trade union for collective bargaining purposes, any proposed changes to our terms and conditions of employment must be negotiated or consulted, as appropriate, on a collective basis with our elected representatives, before our terms and can be varied. This includes the Bridgeway attempt to force individual employees to sign a variation to terms and conditions that seeks to give authority to Bridgeway to make deductions from wages in the event of accidental loss or damage to company equipment. We require Bridgeway to agree that any such individual agreements and variations to terms and conditions which have not been collectively consulted and agreed are void and that no consent is given for Bridgeway to deduct from members’ wages in the event of accidental loss or damage to company property.

If the above matters are not addressed and resolved through the Collective Dispute Resolution Procedure with the involvement of TSSA representatives, we will be forced to enter into a dispute with Bridgeway.”


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