Understanding our challenges, strengths and future needs

The coronavirus situation has created huge challenge, anxiety, upheaval and change across our country and within our borough.  This has affected every part of daily life for Sandwell residents and for businesses, public sector providers and of course charities and community organisations.

As local VCS organisations, many of you have already provided us with information about new activities and services which you’re putting in place to support local communities, as well as requests for support and offers of help.  This feedback has been invaluable in our efforts, with local strategic partners, to secure resources for the Sector and to join up local activities.  Thank you to all who’ve responded to date.

This quick survey is SEVEN SHORT QUESTIONS by which we hope to understand the picture across the wider Sector.  The aim is to help us to..

·       Provide support for your organisation and others right now

·       Hear your views on current impacts in the community

·       Anticipate your future support needs and begin to plan for how we can support you and the Sector

As ever, we’ll share the report of survey findings with you via our www.scvo.info website.  Individual contributions will remain STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL to SCVO and only summary information will be shared.

Don’t forget SCVO remains open for business and here to support to you.  If you would like any kind of development support or guidance including funding, planning, managing change or governance help then please contact Stuart Ashmore stuart@scvo.info 07703 823226.  For information on our strategic work and our regular forums contact Leona Bird leona@scvo.info 07401 255787.  For information and guidance on volunteering and how to promote and involve volunteers within your organisation please contact Kim Fuller getinvolved@scvo.info 07519 120711.

 If you’ve any questions about this survey please contact Mark Davis mark@scvo.info

 Many thanks as ever for your help with this.

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* 1. BEFORE WE BEGIN.... What size is your organisation?

Question Title

* 2. BEFORE WE BEGIN ... Are you a volunteer-only group (ie no employees)?

Question Title

* 3. QUESTION ONE: CHANGES TO YOUR SERVICES OR ACTIVITIES: In response to the current coronavirus situation, what statement best describes how your organisation’s activities and services have been affected?

Question Title

* 4. QUESTION TWO: IMPACT ON YOUR ORGANISATION'S FINANCES AND RESOURCES: What has the corinavirus situation cost your organisation to date?

  Some additional costs Significant additional costs
Additional IT costs (hardware, software, licences, etc..)
Staffing costs
Volunteer costs
Service delivery costs
Marketing and promotion costs
Business continuity - eg remote working costs, new equipment, operational costs

Question Title

* 5. QUESTION THREE: CHANGES YOU'VE HAD TO MAKE:  how have you had to adapt your organisation internally?

Question Title

* 6. QUESTION FOUR: IMPACT ON YOUR CLIENTS AND COMMUNITIES: Given the changes or reductions in support what do you think is the likely impact on the people you support and work with?

  Some impact Severe impact
Lack of access to basic daily provisions
Lack of emotional support
Lack of mental health support
Lack of support for parents
Increased risk of domestic violence
Increased risk of being a victim of crime
Concerns about employment status and prospects
Safeguarding risks for children and young people
Safeguarding risks for vulnerable adults
Reduced support for health conditions

Question Title

* 7. QUESTION FIVE: YOUR IMMEDIATE CONCERNS AND NEEDS: What your organisation still needs today to sustain your resources and deliver your activities

  Some concern Serious concern
Funding for staff (where existing or planned sources have dried up)
Funding to meet volunteer expenses
IT and communications equipment and know-how
Funding and promoting your current services to your communities
Understanding current and imminent financial risks
Managing remote working
Communicating with funders/ commissioners
Need for appropriate public health information and advice for your clients and communities

Question Title

* 8. QUESTION SIX: YOUR LONGER-TERM CONCERNS AND NEEDS: What are your greatest concerns for the next 6-9 months, whether this sees a continuation of social distancing measures or normal business being resumed?

  Some concern Serious concern
Re-engaging volunteers that previously supported your activities
How to secure funding for new projects
Meeting existing performance targets
Funding to cover losses incurred during the pandemic
Significantly increased client/ community need
Re-integrating staff that have been furloughed
Fundamental changes to your service delivery
Beginning trading/ chargeable activity again
Understanding new risks to your organisation
Need to restructure organisation

Question Title

* 9. QUESTION SEVEN: POSITIVE DEVELOPMENTS:  What positive developments or opportunities arising out of the current situation have you recognised that you may wish to continue in the future?

Question Title

* 10. Please share your name, organisation and contact details (optional).  Thank you very much again for taking time to fill in this survey.