Healthy on-line Meetings Score Card

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* 1. Healthy Meeting - were the following observed?

Promote active “travel” to the conference → Start the day feeling energised with
a 15-minute brisk walk round the garden/street/stairs.
Use reminders about keeping hydrated → Have a large glass of water at hand,
as the conference kicks off. Why not add some slices of lemon, ice or peppermint leaves
for extra refreshment?
Suggest opting for different (sugar free) drinks → Try a new type of hot drink
(a new coffee blend, fruit or herbal teas, green tea) to mark this conference day from
usual home working.
Promote ways to reduce sedentary time → Avoid sitting all day and build in some
standing time during presentations. Try elevating your laptop – even the ironing board
can be useful!
Promote ways to increase activity → Turn off your video, mute your audio and
‘Dance like nobody’s watching!’, or partake in some #kettlecises or stretches for 5
whole minutes. 
Suggest fruit-based snack → A fruit bowl goes a long way to stave off hunger, try
opting for seasonal fruit
Make time for a healthy lunch → Enjoy lunch away from your desk (don’t be tempted
by the emails!)
Provide reminders to eat vegetables at lunch → any way and any form but make
it a good size portion!
Suggest keeping an eye on high calorie desserts or snacks → keep the
portions wee!
Promote ”active travel” at the end of the day back → a 15 minute power walk to
help unwind before starting your evening leisure time.
And…... Don’t forget to open a window (even just a little bit) to make sure you have some fresh air circulating
in your working space
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