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Cambridge North Folk Song Project will create a community folk song book that captures the character of north Cambridge, its history, people and places, today. It is led by award winning composer, sound artist and community artist Dr Emily Peasgood. The project aims to preserve stories in an area that is evolving and changing. Songs will focus on the CB4 postal area, which is comprised of Arbury, Chesterton, Kings Hedges, Orchard Park, Cambridge Business Park and Cambridge North train station. 

This project references the British Folk Song Revival which saw folk collectors such as Cecil Sharp, Lucy Broadwood and Ralph Vaughan Williams recording and notating songs to preserve what was a vanishing tradition. Many of the songs collected in the revival form the canon of folk music today. It is hoped that Cambridge North Folk Song Project will have a similar effect. The songs will be printed in a beautiful songbook that we hope will still be around in 100 years. The songbook will be launched early 2021, with live performances by local people, and a feature at Cambridge Folk Festival.

We are looking for people of all backgrounds and ages that have a connection with the CB4 postal area and would like to contribute towards the song book. You can contribute in three ways: by sending us a story or idea we can transform into a song, by helping us a create a new song in online songwriting sessions with Dr Emily Peasgood and Cambridge-based songwriters Anna Hester and Bob Hines, or by creating a song on your own and submitting it for consideration to include in the songbook. 

You do not need any experience of storytelling or songwriting to take part (but experienced storytellers and songwriters are most welcome!), and will be provided with information and support throughout. 

If you would like to work with us in an online songwriting session, or contribute a story and idea that is credited to you in the song book, you will need to complete this short Release Form. We require one form for each person taking part. Within five days of submitting this form, you will receive an email with further information. Please note: the deadline for registration is Friday 5 June 2020.

Alternatively, you can submit stories and ideas anonymously at this link: SUBMIT ANONYMOUSLY.

Cambridge North Folk Song Project Cambridge North Folk Song Project is part of the Public Art Programme for Cambridge North (CB4). It has been commissioned by Brookgate and Network Rail with the assistance of Commission Projects and Chesterton Community College

For more information contact Emily Peasgood:
Telephone: 07749 115 484

For information about this project: 
Emily Peasgood website
Cambridge North website
We take your privacy seriously, and will only use the personal information provided on this Release Form to contact you about Cambridge North Folk Song Project. Your personal information will only be accessed by Dr Emily Peasgood, and will be securely stored for the duration of Cambridge North Folk Song Project. We respect and trust and protect your privacy, and therefore will never sell or share this data to third parties. Anonymous data (age bracket, and the first 3 letters/digits of your postcode) will be forwarded to project partner Commission Projects to evaluate Cambridge North Folk Song Project.

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