These questions are similar to the exam for CH3 - give them a go!

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* 1. Sarah works as a school secretary and on the day before the school breaks up for the
summer holiday there is a parent teacher football match. Sarah previously played for the
Luton Belles as a goal keeper and is asked to play in goal for the teacher team. The match is to be played at 4:00 pm which is half an hour after Sarah usually ends her working day.

During the match Sarah dives at the feet of a parent to take the ball. Sarah wins the ball
and as a precaution the referee Edmond Jolly blows his whistle and awards a “free kick”
to Sarah’s team. The parent is bemused by the decision and argues the point with the
referee. The referee’s attention and that of most present is occupied by the discussion.
In the interim Sarah walks back to the goal line and her foot tangles in the net. Whilst
pulling her foot free the cross bar becomes dislodged and strikes Sarah on the head.
Fortunately Jamal, one of the other teachers sees this and administers first aid to a cut on Sarah’s forehead.

Sarah decides to claim against the school for her injury and appoints Kennilworth,
Oak and Maple Solicitors. The first action they would correctly take with regard to
the claim process is to:

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* 2. The school immediately provides an admission of legal liability. However, it later
establishes facts that mean that they may not have been liable. Which of the
following BEST summarises their position:

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* 3. Aston, Horton and West are a partnership who operates a shop selling sports equipment in a busy high street. Following a disturbance involving rival football fans their shop front is damaged and the shop is unable to open for three days due to the extent of damage.

After three days the shop re-opens but half of the shop front remains boarded and as a
result trade is reduced as many potential customers believe the shop must be closed.

To consider the extent of the amount payable under the terms of the Policy the
rate of Gross profit needs to be established. This is calculated by:

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* 4. The partners ask you for advice regarding increased costs of working. They
believe that it would be profitable to advertise in the local paper stating that
the shop is open. Which of the following summarises the most likely cover:

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* 5. Sandra and Gary share a 1920’s 2 bedroom house in Surrey; they suffer a burst pipe such that their bathroom, kitchen and both bedrooms are out of use. Sandra often works away from home and Gary states that he may move into his parents’ house for a short time.

However, initially they move into a hotel “The Extravagant Lodge” which is frequented by politicians and film stars. The hotel is in central London but is easier for Gary to get to work as he is based in central London.

Gary states that he is keen to stay in the hotel having settled there. The repairs works are likely to take around ten weeks and the cost is £300 per night. Gary points out that he can reduce his commuting cost by almost £200 per month which means he’ll have extra money to make improvements to the house when it is repaired. You are initially asked to explain your measure of whether the house is habitable.

Which of the following is the most appropriate measurement?

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* 6. You are now asked what guidance should be given about the nature of the accommodation Gary and Sandra should occupy during the period of unoccupancy.

The most appropriate guidance you could provide is which of the following?