The Code of Conduct is part of the Handbook that sets out the CLC’s requirements of the lawyers and entities that it regulates. The Code of Conduct sits above the other specific Codes, setting out the overarching standards of practice to ensure that the client’s best interests are always served and protected.

The current Code of Conduct can be found here. It sets out the Ethical Principles and the outcomes that are relevant to each of them. It should guide CLC lawyers in their daily work. Where another element of the Handbook may require interpretation, the Code of Conduct can be used as the guide.

The CLC is now consulting on a refreshed Code of Conduct. This new version of the Code of Conduct reflects the outcome of a 2022 consultation on updated Ethical Principles for CLC lawyers. The consultation document and the record of changes made to the proposals following the 2022 consultation are available on the CLC’s website.

Following the consultation on the proposed Ethical Principles, the CLC’s Consumer Reference Group and Council reviewed the consequential changes that would be required to the CLC’s Code of Conduct. The result of that review is a reorganised, clarified and updated Code of Conduct set out in this Consultation Document

The following pages contain questions about the proposed new Code of Conduct.