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Supporting Well

Thank you for taking time to provide feedback on our care pathway.

Dementia United was formed in 2016 to improve and reduce variation in the experiences of those living with dementia across Greater Manchester, with the ultimate aim of making Manchester the best place in the UK to live with a dementia diagnosis.

An important part of Dementia United’s work has been the development of a Care Pathway, which you will be reviewing today. Dementia United’s Care Pathway has been written over the last year with support and input from people living with a diagnosis, carers, local dementia specialists, health care workers and policy makers. The document highlights recomendations for improving care and support across four stages of the dementia ‘Well Pathway’, these being:

1) Diagnosing well
2) Supporting well
3) Living well
4) Dying well

The goal of the Care Pathway is to help people living with dementia, their carers, and people working with them, to understand and navigate what care and support is available to them. It brings together existing requirements and recommended best practice across the country and provides information on how each Greater Manchester Region implements these.

Due to the size of the complete Care Pathway document, which is 35 pages and over 10,000 words long, we are only asking you to review one of the above stages here.

In this survey you will be reviewing the Supporting well stage of the pathway.

For further support or to obtain a copy of the complete pathway document please contact us here:
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