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* 1. One of the basic eligibility requirements for Carer's Allowance as it stands is that a carer must be providing at least 35 hours of care per week. The Scottish Government proposes making a change so that if someone is caring for two people, they can add their caring hours together to contribute towards the full 35 hours.

This means if someone provides, for example, 17.5 hours of care a week for two separate people those hours could be added together making someone eligible for the payment.

Do you agree or disagree with the proposed change to allow carers to add together hours caring for two people?

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* 2. Could you please give your reasons for either agreeing or disagreeing with the proposed change that carers could add caring hours together for two cared for people?

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* 3. Do you have any further views on adding together caring hours that you would like to share?

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