How to Apply

Key dates and information
  • Apply by 10am on Wednesday 22nd February
  • Interviews on 27th and 28th February
  • Working days: up to 4 days in March (dates to be agreed)
  • Fee: up to £800 + VAT
  • You’ll be working at the Blast Theory studio, 20 Wellington Road, Portslade
About you
We're looking for a person with technical expertise in setting up multi-camera live streams and software vision mixing, in particular, using OBS Studio. You should have experience of running OBS Studio on macOS with a detailed knowledge of OBS output settings for creating high quality streams and stream recordings on Apple hardware. You should be familiar with designing complex scene set-ups for mixing and recording multiple sources. You ideally have experience of using OBS in a professional context, using OBS plug-ins such as ‘Automatic Scene Switcher’ for automating vision mixing, and have created systems for handling media and back-ups in the context of multi-camera live streams. 

About the role
This role is to provide technical consultation for up to 4 days in March. You will be asked to input on the design of a multi-camera system (including hardware and software) to mix and record camera feeds, graphics and output from OBS studio. You will provide detailed, hands-on advice on the OBS Studio set-up and on settings to optimise the quality of recordings, simplify vision mixing operation, and ensure that systems are in place for backing up multiple camera feeds.

We’re an equal opportunities employer and encourage applications from people who are less represented in our sector: particularly people of colour, those with disabilities (including ‘invisible’ disabilities such as dyslexia or autism), and people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

How to apply

Part 1 (Online): About You
Answer a few simple questions including your name, email address and phone number in the online form.

Upload a recent copy of your CV. This should be 2 pages max.

Please answer all questions as fully as you can.

Part 2 (Online, Video or Audio)
Please answer the following questions in written form or in a video or audio recording. If making an application by phone suits you better, please contact

1. Tell us why you would like to work on Cat Royale.

2. Tell us why you are suitable for this opportunity.

3. Tell us about two previous projects you have worked on (please include links where possible).

Applying with a video or audio file
You can record the video or audio on your phone: we are not expecting snazzy production values. Your video or audio file can be up to 5 minutes long. Start your application by filling in the online survey about you and submit your video or audio file after.

Part 3 (Online)
To finish your application, please complete the Equal Opportunities Monitoring form.

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