Smart Goggles

1.Do you wear goggles or sun glasses when you ski/ride?
2.Do you use any health trackers when skiing or riding motocross?
3.Would you find it helpful to be able to control music without your phone while skiing/riding?
4.Which of these features would you say is most important within a pair of smart goggles?
5.Would you use a health tracker if it could be implemented into a piece of clothing/device you already wear out on the mountain/trail?
6.How important are the colours and aesthetics involved in a pair of goggles?
7.How often do you purchase new equipment?
8.Would you agree that the efficiency of a goggles anti-fog and scratch resistance directly affects how well you ride/how many risks you take
9.Is the tracking of equipment of high importance to you?
10.If it were a single lens, would you prefer photochromatic or single light lens?