Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant changes in healthcare systems around the world including the NHS. For healthcare workers, this is proving to be particularly challenging both professionally and personally. This added stress can lead to detrimental effects on wellbeing and precipitate work-related burnout.

We are running this questionnaire to help analyse the effect the pandemic is having on staff wellbeing in order to hopefully better inform interventions. These interventions will aim to reduce the risk of developing work-related burnout both now and after the acute effects of this pandemic have passed.

All responses will be anonymised and data will be handled according to general data protection regulation (GDPR). Participation is voluntary and respondents can withdraw at any time. Anonymised data may be used for research purposes.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Dr Elton Chawatama – elton.chawatama@nhs.net

If you agree with the above, then please take 8-10 mins to complete the following questions.

Thank you in advance!

Dr Elton Chawatama 
Dr Kurren Sandhu