Community Wealth Building (CWB) is a new people-centred approach to local economic development, which redirects wealth back into the local economy, and places control and benefits into the hands of local people. The 5 pillars underpinning CWB are;
1. Plural ownership of the economy 
2. Making financial power work for local places 
3. Fair employment and just labour markets 
4. Progressive procurement of goods and services 
5. Socially just use of land and property 
For more information about what these mean see here: 
With the new Community Wealth Building Bill on the horizon, this is an opportunity for Scotland’s creative industries. As a result, Creative Scotland along with Community Enterprise have a developed a research project with the aim of supporting Scotland’s creative industries in developing a clearer understanding of the principles, opportunities and goals of CWB and to identify models of practice and exemplars that will support the creative and cultural sector in taking advantage of upcoming opportunities. This survey will help to identify how organisations from the creative industries are:
  • Currently contributing the CWB agenda
  • Where there are perceived opportunities
  • What the perceived enablers and barriers are.