This application is a call for experts to join the Continuous Improvement Work Program for the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (Integrity Council). We are currently recruiting experts for the following work programs:

- CIWP 6 - Digital Measurement, Reporting and Validation (MRV)
- CIWP 7 - Market Transparency, Standardization and Scalability
- CIWP 8 - Oversight of Validation / Verification Bodies (VVBs) and Measurement, Reporting and Validation (MRV) systems
- CIWP 9 - Simplified approaches for small projects
- CIWP 10 - Jurisdictional Crediting Approaches

Please note that work of the CIWP is not remunerated.


Continuous Improvement work is aimed at helping the ICVCM to identify emerging best practice and innovative approaches to addressing key complex issues in the VCM. The understandings and reports developed by Continuous Improvement Work Programs will feed into the revised version of the Assessment Framework due in early 2026.

We invite individual experts to apply to join our continuous improvement work program working groups for the topics listed above. Please note, this call is for a broad mix of expertise, including policy and technical expertise on the relevant topics. Expert applicants may be from any sector, such as civil society, environmental non-government organizations, business and public sector. Experts should have specific and deep expertise in the relevant topics of the call, and be able to provide evidence of that expertise if required.

The ICVCM Executive Secretariat is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive membership, including geographical and gender mix and IP&LC representation.

Time commitment

The Continuous Improvement Work Programs will hold virtual 3-hour meetings approximately once a month for approximately six months. CIWPs 6-10 are expected to start in April/May and run until October 2024.

In addition, members should plan for preparation time and time to comment after meetings.

Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.

Further information

For further information about the Integrity Council, please see the ICVCM website.

This application form is hosted by BSI on behalf of the ICVCM.*