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Introduction to the survey

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this survey.  

NNFCC have been contracted by BEIS to conduct an evidence gathering exercise on costs associated with anaerobic digestion (AD) plants. The aim of this research is to establish the current costs of deploying and running an anaerobic digester to produce biomethane for injection into the grid, in Great Britain.  

We are contacting you as an operator, developer or funder of AD facilities, with or without biomethane injection to grid, to obtain up to date costs. The survey is relevant to both operational facilities and those in the development phase.  

We are initially reaching out via this survey to obtain high-level cost data, then plan to conduct more in-depth telephone interviews to improve the granularity of data, for completeness and validation purposes. There are a range of question types, so please complete as many as possible with as much detail as you can. Use the free-text boxes to add comments and notify us where additional data could be provided, if required. 
You will need capital and operational expenditure figures (pre-VAT) to hand, if you are happy to provide these details, as well as plant performance data if you are reporting for operational facilities. In the interests of time, if you would prefer to send us financial model(s) or share the data another way, we can put an NDA in place and discuss the transfer and use of such data accordingly. It is NNFCC policy to comply with all laws regulating data protection. All data provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and aggregated or anonymised before being shared with BEIS for the purpose outlined above. 

This survey should take no more than thirty minutes to complete per plant. Thank you again for your time. 

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