Demand deep sea mining does not go ahead

FFI - backed by Sir David Attenborough - is calling for a moratorium (a full suspension) on deep sea mining, which will be debated at the IUCN World Conservation Congress to be held in Marseille, in June.

Deep sea mining on a large scale is unable to commence until nations have agreed on the rules that will oversee the mining. These rules are under development via the governing authority, the United Nations International Seabed Authority (ISA), with influential parties and nations pushing for these rules to be finalised in 2020. The next meeting of the ISA is in Jamaica in July 2020.

Please add your name to this call, by signing this petition.

“The rush to mine this pristine and unexplored environment risks creating terrible impacts that cannot be reversed.

We need to be guided by science when faced with decisions of such great environmental consequence.”

-Sir David Attenborough

Sign the petition now and protect our seas from being decimated in the name of profit.

Urge nations to support a moratorium, and suspend deep sea mining before it’s too late.

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