As a participant you are be required to play the DEAS - Howden prototype serious game before completing this questionnaire. There are two options to play the game listed below. Please note you are only required to play the game with one of the options.
This research intends to broaden the impact of the serious game by including other businesses/manufacturers/ engineers in a Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Study. A TAM study allows gauging the acceptance of a new technology based on user’s feedback. TAM’s are used to measure customers/users attitudes towards a new technology by measuring the ‘Perceived Usefulness’ and ‘Perceived Ease of Use’. This study will enable us to see the impact of the game outside of the Howden group and intends to help others see the potential use of innovative technologies to communicate complex servitisation offers.

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Both options to play the game are available from

We recommend limiting the playtime to 15 minutes or less.  While playing the game at any point if you feel any discomfort or do not want to continue please stop playing and proceed with the survey. 

All results will be held in strict confidence, ensuring the privacy of all participants. No personal participant information will be stored with the data. Digital data will be kept in a password protected computer account; paper data will be kept in a single-occupant locked office.

You may withdraw from the experiment at any time without prejudice, and any data already recorded will be discarded.

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