What you need to know to sign up

Academics Need to Talk is a global movement of the academic community to support each other through the pandemic.

To sign up you will need to have the following ready
1. Link to your Calendly account. See instructions for this here.
2. Your university or institute email address.
3. A gmail address (or an email address that has Google Drive access) for purposes of accessing the 'Academics Need to Talk' Database. 

Handling your data
Your data will be handled according to official data protection guidelines and won’t be used or shared for any purpose other than the running and evaluation of this initiative. Only UCL staff involved in the initiative will have access to your data and you can request for it to be permanently deleted at any time by contacting us here.
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* 1. Please enter your university or research institute email address below. This is for verification only and will not be made public. Only institutional email addresses will be accepted - your application will not be accepted if a non-institutional email is used in this field (i.e. no gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc. addresses).

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* 2. Please enter your gmail address below (or an email address that has Google Drive access). This is for the purpose of adding you to the Academics Need to Talk Database only. This email address will not be made public and will not be used for any other purpose.

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* 3. We may want to contact you for anonymous feedback regarding your experience of engaging with Academics Need to Talk to ensure that we are supporting you in the best possible way and to understand how the initiative is impacting the community. Your response below has no bearing on your ability to take part in the initiative:

Answers to the following two questions will NOT be share with other participants and only anonymised data will be used for the purpose of evaluation.

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